Registration Now Open for the 2018 Findlay|Hancock County Halloween Parade

Registration for the 2018 Findlay|Hancock County Halloween Parade is now OPEN!

Registration is open from September 9th through October 19th. You can receive an early bird discount of $10 by registering on or before October 9th. Registration options are available for businesses and non-profits. You may also choose to register as 'Preferred Placement' which entitles you to be one of the first 20 entries in the parade.

NEW FOR 2018 - Register Early, Parade Early

In past years, the parade has been 'first in, first out' - the earlier you arrived at the staging area, the earlier you entered (and finished) the parade. This year, the earlier you sign-up, the earlier you will be parading down South Main Street.

When you register online, an order number is automatically assigned to your account. When you are forwarded your entry placard (about two weeks before the event), it will include your registration number and staging location.

When you register, please select the appropriate category for your entry...

  • Float - entrant vehicle/trailer not exceeding 45-feet in total length
  • Vehicle - entrant that is a single car, van or truck
  • Walking Group - entrant with no vehicles
  • Oversize - entrant that exceeds 45-feet in total lengt

This new process should allow easier access for entrants - no rushing to get a good spot. For walkers and those trying to meet up with a specific group, we will publish a map that shows locations for all the entrants.

Remember...register early, parade early.