What Previous Hancock Leadership graduates are saying: 

“My experience with Hancock Leadership is one of the most memorable of my lifetime!  It was exciting to meet people that feel the same way about the community I care so much about!”  

~Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, President, Garner Transportation Group


“I came to Hancock Leadership with the idea that I would get through the program and then move back to Columbus for the opportunities Findlay and Hancock County were missing.  I left the program energized and over the thirteen years since, still fully embrace the program and make sure we have an employee in the program each and every year.” 

~Roger J. Criblez, CEO, Pry Professional Group


“The networking connections that I made during my Hancock Leadership experience have proven to be invaluable.  I have reached out to my former HL classmates regarding everything from references for potential employees to building partnerships on future projects.  I encourage each of my staff members to complete the HL program.  I am confident the knowledge, contacts and resources that they gain from the course far outweigh the cost and time commitment required for participation.”

~Leigh Esper. Executive Director, The Arts Partnership


“Hancock Leadership was instrumental in learning to network, meeting new people, making life-long friends and becoming active in our community.  It was a time of personal and professional growth!”

~Kim Stumpp, Consortia Consulting, Inc.


“As a member of one of the earlier Hancock Leadership classes, I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Dr. Jack McBride as the Hancock Leadership director. This experience helped me personally and professionally as I was able to network, learn the inner workings of my community, and build lifelong friendships.”

~Kent Weaver, Owner, Rieck's Gallery